Le Long



His first graffiti are done in the south when he was about fifteen years old. Mathias stops his creations after an interpellation by the police (he has not yet chosen his name). A multi-faceted artist, he began studying science and then joined a school of academic drawing in Lyon.

He graduates in 2010 with his diploma and a 2D animated film. He continues his video research mainly in the cartoon using Stop Motion and Mixe Live / 2D in his short films. He works as a director and artistic director in advertising, video, documentary, feature film and video-mapping. He directed the show for the “New Year 2018” which is projected on the Arc de Triomphe. Interest in painting never left him. In her free time, “Le Long” creates stencils to give gifts to those around her. Gradually, the call of the street is felt. He decides to take back his stencils, his bombs and to start climbing the walls of the capital. Some of his works, found in Paris 13th, including “Butte aux Cailles”, high place of Parisian street art.

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