Open Home #3

Open Home #3

The collective exhibition of october

Works visible from May 6, 6:30 p.m.



Third collective exhibition where ARTree offers 3 artists to exhibit for a full month on the front page of the gallery.

With :

JOSEPH APSARAH is first of all a musician, a graduate of the Strasbourg Conservatory, all of whose work is regularly listed at the National Library of France. He is currently active in many projects in Paris. From 2013, he became interested in painting by experimenting with different mediums and began to exhibit his work in personal exhibitions, particularly in Paris. In 2015, his first collection of poems Dans l’attraction subtil des brasiers pales was published, the following will be published in 2020, as well as in the first issue of the art magazine Citadelle, of which he is co-founder. Today signed to the David Cha gallery for his painting work, he is currently working on his fourth collection of poetry and preparing the release of his thirteenth album.

SEB RUSSO always dreamed of being a comic book hero, he wanted to walk on the moon. One day his dad came to his house with a guitar, he played from night to morning for years, then he left and he never walked on the moon. He saw a Vasarely advertisement at a bus stop, he asked himself questions and began to learn drawing by drinking images. He read the albums of Philippe Druillet. And, since he still couldn’t walk on the moon, he made up a world for himself by clinging to a branch. He drew and painted. For him, this act is not a simple act, it’s a dive into the dream, a line, a line, a meaning, black from white and a world is born, sometimes aborted, he never has anything thrown!

After a stint at the School of Fine Arts in Lyon, the artist learned to listen, hear and see. He fed on Laurie Anderson, he drowned himself in the work of Andy Warhol and pop art. Then back in life, he spent his time browsing the assembly workshops while drawing 4 hours a day, sometimes even in front of a machine! Without having walked on the moon, he had his head in the clouds, in his drawing. He worked for more than 20 years in complete anonymity, not having time to show, not being able to talk about it.

Since 1996, he has also been working with computers. He creates images, worlds, characters straight out of his imagination. His work is constantly changing. Little by little, he moves towards the void, towards the conceptual, as if he had gone around it. Art is an act: to provoke sensations in the spectator, to lose him sometimes, to drown him under the images. And to end with this sentence from Joseph Beuys “I am convinced that each of us is an artist and that his most beautiful work of art is his life. »


is an artist residing in the Paris region who uses and combines different creative tools such as painting, sculpture, drawing or digital creation… His work is signed by the pseudonym Trëz. He has been exhibiting since 2009 in France and around the world (Usa, Japan, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Belgium, Spain…).

“My works confront Matter and Spirit. I shape body-structures, kinds of chaotic and composite architectures in which the organic and the geometric mix and tear each other. My work is resolutely focused on the relationship that the human has with himself, his quest for knowledge, his contradictions, his relationship to others, to his time and his environment. All this results in the mixture of mediums, accumulations and subtractions of layers of matter, constantly in search of what lies behind… beyond appearances.”

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Open Home #3 the collective exhibition of October


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