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Are you an artist or a gallery?


Please find below the answers to all your questions.

To allow us to study your application, please fill out the contact form on this page, attaching the photos of the works you wish to place in the Artree gallery.


Who can exhibit on ARTree?

You are a physical gallery or online, you can bring your works on ARTree. You are an artist, you can also offer us your works.

How to submit my application?

Just fill out the contact form opposite. In addition to your personal information, do not forget to send us a link to your online portfolio of the works you want to sell on ARTree and the biography (s).

When does it receive an answer?

The ARTree team is committed to studying your application quickly. If it matches the artistic line of the Gallery, we will answer you as soon as possible.

What are the conditions of sale on ARTree?

As an online gallery, ARTree retains a percentage of the sale price of your work. When ARTree makes the sale to the buyer, you are notified and you receive your funds. When you enter ARTree.fr we sign a contract that stipulates all the conditions.

In what formats are my pictures and their title

ARTree wants to have some consistency in the calibration of the media. The requested format is therefore a photo format for the WEB (png) with a width of 800pxl for a weight of less than 200 KB per photo. All your photos will have a title, eg Title-Photo-1 and not IMG_20171118_085544

How is my Biography and the hypertext links that accompany it

ARTree will create a page with your biography that you will have previously written in a notepad by including 2 or 3 titles for hypertext links with corresponding URL on your activity, that ARTree will place below your biography (see biography already existing for example)

Model " Product Sheet" to be completed by artwork

Please copy and paste the template and remove unnecessary information.



Dimensions: H * W cm

Year :

Embedded / non-embedded canvas

Framed / Unframed

Signed and dated lower right / left

Countersigned, dated and titled

Work sold with certificate of authenticity

Proposed by the artist / gallery: – Paris – France

Delivery: one to two weeks



Weight for the automatic calculation of shipping costs (or shipping price if you know):

desired price:

How long do my works remain visible on ARTree?

Your works remain on the online gallery, as long as they are still available on your side. An email from you is requested as soon as your works are no longer in order to put our catalog to days as soon as possible.

Who delivers the delivery to the buyer?

Once the sale is made, the shipment is your responsibility. The contract that binds you to ARTree specifies the shipping conditions required to ensure the best service to the buyer.

When am I credited with the funds from the sale?

As soon as the buyer certifies that the work (s) has been received, Artree will release the funds from your sale (s).


  1. Create a zip file containing your attachments (photos of works and biography, 2Go max)
  2. Send it free with wetransfert by following this link, to the address contact@artree.fr (select “free version”)
  3. Then fill out the form below


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