Confin’ART (exhibition)

The collective exhibition live from the artists’ studios


Take part in the first live exhibition of artists!

ARTree offers you a vernissage followed the next day by live broadcasts from a dozen artists’ studios. Immerse yourself in their world while being

well confined to the bottom of your sofa. Each artist will present you with a unique work made on the theme of the “lockdown” exhibition and perhaps other rare pieces from their personal collection. The “Confinement” or “Confin’Art” as we will call it, will never have made you travel so much. Free & mandatory exhibition ;). Part of the funds raised will be donated to an association. Opening on Friday May 8 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Visit of the artists’ studios on Saturday May 9 from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. approximately.

With :

FKDL by his real name Franck Duval, born in 1963 in Paris, is a French painter and collagist. He studied fashion design at Studio Berçot, then trained in circus arts at the Annie Fratellini school. These two decisive years will mark his work as an artist…

Gregos He was born in 1972 in Paris. He made his debut in Tag and Graff at the end of the 80s. He spent 2 years in Athens, Greece and started sculpting, then molding. He creates his first street cast following neighborhood noise in a spirit of protest…

IZa Zaro is a French Pop Street Art artist committed to the women’s cause. Initiated in her mother’s studio and graduated from the National School of Applied Arts and Crafts, an artistic journey that introduced her to letter design, textile printing, screen printing, African batik, upholstery,,, and explains a requirement to mix techniques such as stencil on so fragile paper or so strong wood engraving to better talk about women and claim simple rights.

Lapin Mutant the work of Lapin Mutant combines the mixture of two passions: art and psychology. His work is instinctive, nervous, liberating and even therapeutic. It is based on emotion above all. She works on the accumulation of multi-faceted characters: for example, the eye of one face that becomes the ear of another. This multiplication of almost tortured-looking characters represents the variety of psychological disorders inherent in today’s society and the different aspects of any personality.

Le Long made his first graffiti in the south when he was about fifteen years old. Mathias stops his creations after an arrest by the police (he has not yet chosen his name). A multifaceted artist, he undertook scientific studies and then joined an academic drawing school in Lyon.

Nea Borgel is a polymorphous, unclassifiable, disturbing and solitary artist. Perhaps because she is a sagittarius ascendant scorpion and a snake among the Chinese, like Picasso. Maybe also because her first name comes from an erotic book and tells the story of a young pervert.

Paella? is a painter-poster designer of Spanish origin born in 1962, he works in Paris. Harnessed with a training as a graphic designer, a diploma of Fine Arts and a license in Plastic Arts, he embarked on the pictorial adventure of the 80’s – “Paella Chimicos” his artistic stage name is taken from the anagram of his surname and first name – brandishing the banner of a “Deliberate Figuration”.

Remy Rault was born the same year as the launch of the historic “Sputnik” in 1957. Remy Rault continues to embody humanity’s quest to explore the unknown with his art.
His space odyssey began in the 1960s.

Voldia of literary training (Hypokhâgne), Voldia was, from adolescence, passionate about reading, art and cinema. Inspired both by French auteur cinema with directors such as Truffaut and Chabrol, major figures of the New Wave, it is also initiated by foreign directors such as Almodovar, Kubrick, Hitchcock, Bergmam, or Zulawski. Interested in both metaphysical and existential subjects, psychological or family introspection and the analysis of women, we find these themes today in the Collages of Voldia.

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