Open Home #2

Open Home #2

The collective exhibition of May

Works visible from May 6, 6:30 p.m.


Second collective exhibition where ARTree offers 6 artists to exhibit for a full month on the front page of the gallery.

With :

ALEXANDRE JAMES74 alias Movy move Majestic, Guillaume-Alexandre DALLET of his real name is a French artist with Danish, Polish and Vendée origins by his father. He grew up in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, in the northern district of the city with artists such as the 500ones and the MC Solaar group. He is a member of the KLM (Historic Crew).

Seized from an early age by the passion for drawing, the artist continues his momentum by integrating small groups. In 1996, he collaborated with “l’Esprit Majestic” as a graffiti artist. The love of music, especially Rap, is there. Together, they created the album “En ces ondes”, released in 2001. Graphic designer-illustrator within “Division Visuel”. He participates in the editing and production of clips with “underground” artists. He is in charge of the covers and the visuals of the artists of TeamArtMusique, independent producers. He collaborates with Bearz, Greg, Angel and many others… He participates in the “ArtBattle” and meets an underground scene of photographers, rappers, artist-painters from across the Atlantic, from New York and Los Angeles… Later , he participates in the street-art festival “pantheon the message” with Shaka, doudou Masta, Vince, André Trenier, Ernesto Novo…

ALEXIS ALARY where begins the canvas, the path taken and the line that creates the link between the emotions and the pictorial expression. Signs and numbers are instinctively integrated, like a symbolic alphabet, into all my paintings. Telegraphed from the depths of my unconscious, they are often linked to the subjects I study, such as philosophy, science, alchemy and nature. It is in these universes that I encounter these symbols, that I transcribe them. I often use sfumato, washes and waxes in color work, it brings depth. The line being the central element, on one side the abstraction, the color and the emotion and on the other, the line which brings the reason and which completes it. The line, this universal sign, which marks space, often an axis. The line is a decision, a supported act. Simply, a link.

ALEXIS VICENTE born in 1974, is a raw art visual artist. He has been drawing since his childhood. It was in the garage of his grandmother’s house that he began to accumulate materials that he transformed into sculptures. The artist builds an imaginary world, a kind of family with the same characters that we find in his drawings, paintings and sculptures. His sculptures come to life to the rhythm of their assemblies with recycled materials, the different layers of glue, paint or varnish, thus creating a whimsical, preposterous, questioning universe, made of readers, animals, baskets and vehicles in glossy paper.

BRUNO BUSCHIASSO born November 13, 1968 in Pantin (Seine-Saint-Denis), is a self-taught artist. He lives and works in the Paris region. He creates textile, digital and sometimes mixed media works. The universe of his work is tinged with desires, conscious and unconscious fantasies, sometimes with mysticism. It is part of several collections and exhibited for a time in the gallery of Claire Didon Prince.

JULIE POMME trained as a house painter, specialising in decorative painting and, in particular, in the art of trompe l’oeil. She very quickly decided to distance herself from this training, in order to be closer to her experience and to enter into direct contact with everyday reality. She likes to say that she makes naive art to defy perspective, but it is clear that her defiance goes beyond perspective as a legacy of the Quattrocento. And for good reason, her painting questions the perspectives that the social world proposes and imposes. By taking his life, his friendships, his loves, his physical and psychic intimacy as his subject, the artist does nothing more than tell the story of a destiny. Like a diary, the painting delivers the archive of a life in the process of being written, a queer life in which it is often necessary to struggle to access softness. If she makes art brut, it is not in the sense that we usually understand it, but because the reality she tries to paint is a rough reality. Thus, the artist represents things without a filter, in a style that could be called affective realism or pictorial autofiction. Her work has been shown in many places in Paris, the Mutinerie, 59 rue de Rivoli, the Entrepôt cinéma, and more recently at the Gemini, in Saint Ouen. In November 2021, she will participate in the Biennale de Paname.”

PHILIPPE CHAMBON born in 1967 in Grenoble, train and TGV driver for 30 years, the artist has devoted his free time to the passion he has had since childhood: drawing, comics and painting. He has collaborated on several fanzines and magazines. FGH editions, in November 2021, dedicated a book to him: cheminot comix. This book presents a range of his graphic work: drawings and autobiographical comic strips, as well as a beautiful overview of his pictorial achievements, opening up to a joyful proliferating universe where color explodes.

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Open Home #2


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