Open Home #1

Open Home #1

The collective exhibition of Mars


First collective exhibition where ARTree offers 5 artists to exhibit for a full month on the front page of the gallery.

With :

VICTOR LEPETIT is a self-taught artist, born in 1991. He lives and works in Brittany. He started by drawing with a comic strip inspiration. He then painted on driftwood, made characters all twisted with strings, halfway between mummy and sacrificial dolls.

For several years now, he has been creating characters with recycled materials (wire, newspaper, string, corks, etc.) that he dresses with tea bags. He fashions accessories for them (camera, fishing rod, glasses, binoculars, birdcage, weapons also sometimes appear).

Here we are immersed in a monochrome world close to that of Tim Burton or Shane Acker with the only spot of color being the accessory that personalizes the individual.

The artist also makes cars and planes.Each object requires long hours of work (the clothes are indeed sewn by hand). We discover an obsessive work that is reminiscent of Art Brut.

These characters take their place on driftwood or oak pedestals. We imagine them in cabinets of curiosities, both precious and fragile…

“They have no need for durability since they only want to challenge the ephemeral. They are there to simply say we are.”

They have the strength of metal and the fragility of paper. Here we are in an unclassifiable and unusual universe, undoubtedly closely linked to the emotional and fantastical experience of the artist.

Sophie Lepetit – May 2012

IMRA was born in 1977 in Nogent sur Marne. Her artistic pseudonym Imra means “Woman”. From a very young age, she has been drawn to oriental art. But her 2-year stay in Mexico, when she was a child, made her discover a culture and a civilization that awakened her artistic sensitivity. Caroline is self-taught. She creates according to her desires and her inspirations.

In 2019, she begins to create objects, to paint canvases and frescoes. Recently, she started creating tattoos. The techniques used are multiple: nails and stretched threads, collage, cut paper, stencil, weaving… The supports are varied: wood, canvas, cardboard, wall, vinyl, or directly on the skin (body painting). The materials used are also. Some creations are also embellished with poems that she writes.

Often related to Aboriginal art, his style is his own and is his signature.

She is sensitive to what surrounds her and observes her environment, which is, for her, an infinite source of inspiration. Emotions are at the origin of his creations.

Jean-NO HELL  is from the Mille Etangs plateau in Burgundy-Franche-Comté. He practices abstraction with watercolour, applied with a brush in bright and often very warm colours. His work is invariably meticulous and laborious, in the noble sense of the term.

LUC BAILLY is a self-taught expressionist painter, born in Mulhouse, Pas de Calais. He paints faces as close as possible to emotion in which he makes the colors shine.

SHORI is a multidisciplinary Lille artist living in Angers. She is mainly illustrated in retro collage featuring burlesque universes, a bit offbeat, from the Belle Epoque to the 1960s. This enthusiast of flea markets and china, but also of history, sociology, music and archives in general, collects magazines and original images serving to express his eclectic world. Curious and fond of mixing universes, she is inspired by different currents such as Dadaism, Symbolism, Art Nouveau or different artists such as Hieronymus Bosh, Toulouse Lautrec, Erik Satie, Claude Chabrol, Georges Brassai. Impregnated with the atmospheres of cabarets of old Paris and very nostalgic, its themes are varied: bistros, gastronomy, women, society, news items, anatomy and eroticism which intertwine in images like little mysterious stories to read.

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Open Home #1


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