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ALEXANDRE JAMES74 alias Movy move Majestic, Guillaume-Alexandre DALLET of his real name is a French artist with Danish, Polish and Vendée origins by his father. He grew up in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, in the northern district of the city with artists such as the 500ones and the MC Solaar group. He is a member of the KLM (Historic Crew).

Seized from an early age by the passion for drawing, the artist continues his momentum by integrating small groups. In 1996, he collaborated with “l’Esprit Majestic” as a graffiti artist. The love of music, especially Rap, is there. Together, they created the album “En ces ondes”, released in 2001. Graphic designer-illustrator within “Division Visuel”. He participates in the editing and production of clips with “underground” artists. He is in charge of the covers and the visuals of the artists of TeamArtMusique, independent producers. He collaborates with Bearz, Greg, Angel and many others… He participates in the “ArtBattle” and meets an underground scene of photographers, rappers, artist-painters from across the Atlantic, from New York and Los Angeles… Later , he participates in the street-art festival “pantheon the message” with Shaka, doudou Masta, Vince, André Trenier, Ernesto Novo…

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