Sara Chelou



Sara Chelou is an active witness to the beginnings of street art in France. It was in the 90s, in Paris, that she began to paint outside the walls, as a committed artist in the underground world, in industrial cathedrals and libertarian wasteland.

She has a journey that is both plastic and experimental which questions the role of the artist in the city but also his place in society.

Being part of some of the first artistic experimental collectives, she participated in the creation of the first urban art events and the first European festivals on the same subject (as in Budapest in Hungary), then brought her art in abandoned industrial wastelands before moving into various Parisian studios.

For her way of painting in the city, she plays with references from American pop culture with Keith Haring, Warhol, Lichtenstein, and graffiti culture from everywhere. Sara Chelou also takes an engaged look at our time. Her urban poetry accompanies us and her messages slows down our steps.

From street art to contemporary art through pop art, she is an artist who participates in the current artistic renewal.

In her paintings she speaks of a graphic culture and a time when art is expressed and oscillates between the forbidden and the game, leaves the workshop to confront society in the streets and in the cities, reflects the world and its tensions with different influences, a form of fusion between citizen reflection, geek culture and graffiti.

His work is free, without borders.

Recognized today on the French and international artistic scene through numerous exhibitions and especially by international collectors, her paintings know no borders, her works are present on all continents and her colors and messages carry a salutary universality. Through her paintings, the adventure reaches your home.

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