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The same year as the world historical Sputnik launch in 1957, Remy Rault continues to embody mankind’s quest to explore the unknown with his art.

His space odyssey began in the 1960’s. When as a child, he played with pen and paper, letting his hand wander aimlessly across the page, with both his eyes closed— later seeking out images and figures thus putting some sense into the otherwise meaningless composite of random marks and lines.

He studied Fine Arts in ESBA of Paris, where his experiments with diverse techniques, as well as his exposure to urban art (especially graffiti) in the 1990’s expanded his repertoire of tools and means of expressing his artistic vision.

Today, Remy Rault’s works convey psychedelic universes populated by vibrant creatures and planets in hues reminiscent of Matisse and Pollock. Juxtaposed with everyday objects against pitch black darkness, these images have the effect of a Pink Floyd song or David Lynch film—evoking a chaos of fragmented thoughts and emotions that would otherwise remain confined to one’s subconscious.

As for the purpose that art serves to him, Remy hints the answer in his latest work called “Auto-Portrait”, where he likens the painting process to computer hard disk defragmentation.

Like the computer, the psyche too can get cluttered up with fragmented files—feelings, impulses and associations that can slow one down if not sorted out.

Painting offers an amenable tool to put them back into their proper places. With the deliberate strokes of paint on, canvas, inner visions are translated into outer reality. The process is similar to exorcism and likewise, the outcome is always relieving.

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