Alban, better known under the pseudonym “MUSH”, is a French artist born in 1988 in Nice (06). Born into a divorced family and used to making long journeys to see his parents, it was in the back seat of the car that he began to dream. He soon tried to reproduce what he saw. Barely eight years old and inseparable from his older brother, they went to a field to empty some sprays they’d bought on the sly, not realising that this memory would have an impact on his future.

The artist began graffiti at the age of fifteen and studied Art, Graphic Design and Visual Communications. He soon made a name for himself with his “Strips” style, and gave his first public performance at an art gallery opening in Boulogne-Billancourt (aged nineteen).

Exhibited alongside some of the biggest names in urban art, the Strouk gallery opened its doors to him in 2016. Mush made his dream come true.

He invaded the walls of his home town (Boulogne-Billancourt) and opened the first urban art shop, where he suffered a serious health accident. This marked a radical change in his style, as he began to paint mainly in his studio and perfected his technique.

Mush is now back with more elaborate, luminous and colourful works. He explores and mixes techniques to give the illusion and his version of the “Urban Landscape”.

For almost twenty years, he has been leaving his mark on walls, preserving time on canvas, painting frescoes and private commissions. He has worked with a number of fine artists and continues to make a living from his art, adding his own recognisable style.

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