Mr Strange



Jean-Marie Gitard, alias Mr Strange is a French artist born in 1964 who lives in the south of France.
After studying art history and a fairly classic approach as a visual artist, Mr Strange,

very largely inspired by surrealism and carried by a curious and inventive personality, gradually moved away from classical painting. to take an interest in polymorphic forms, mixing painting and sculpture. This is the period of the “Spictures”.

His artistic development then led him to appropriate the digital medium. This allows him to deepen his inner world and to take a look at the world around him without constraint or limit, what he calls his photos manipulations.
Hybridization, logic of the absurd, subversion, are the artist’s favorite entry points. From birth to death, from the individual to society, he spares no one. Mr Strange handles surrealism with a certain derision, and offers a reflection on the world that is sometimes poetic, sometimes caustic but always sharp.

Look at a world with your head upside down

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