JonOne, whose real name is John Andrew Perello, is also known by the pseudonym Jon156. He is an American graffiti artist and painter, born in 1963 in New York. He is of Dominican origin. John Perello was born in the Harlem district of New York in 1963. It was in this neighbourhood that Jon discovered street art and began by tagging his name on the city’s walls. He was one of the founders of the 156 All Starz crew in 1984, which marked the start of his career.

The train tag begins for them. He frequented the emblematic Studio 54, where Jon rubbed shoulders with Jean Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol. He met the artist Bando, who was living in New York at the time. He also met Rockin’ Squat at Danceteria, a famous nightclub of the time. The French rapper invited Jonone to come to Paris. Jonone saved up his money and came in 1987. He started graffitiing with him, Boxer and the BBC Crew. There he rubbed shoulders with the group, Assassin, NTM and the rap world of the time.

In the 90s, he was part of l’hôpital éphémère with A-One, Sharp, Victor Ash and Skki. It was there that he began painting on canvas. His canvases at the time were much sought-after by collectors.

His graffiti paintings leave no room for emptiness and are folded by style (punishment).

Jonone has become a key artist in contemporary art. His work is exhibited in several Parisian galleries, including Speerstra and Agnès B, as well as internationally. His works are part of several collections. He has worked with major brands such as Air France, Lacoste, Guerlain etc….

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