Esther Wuhrlin



Born in 1976 in Mulhouse, she is a visual artist and teacher. After a master’s degree in visual arts in Strasbourg in 2002, she moved to Paris in order to deepen her artistic practice and draw on the cultural richness of this city.

She met the gallery owners of the “Edgar, the art dealer” space and set off in 2003 on a great adventure that would last 5 years. Two of his works will even be auctioned, at Drouot, then at Christie’s.

Other fascinating exhibitions will follow, some collective and others personal, including a retrospective at the contemporary art space of Mulhouse “la cour des chains” in 2016.

In 2019, the Sonia Monti gallery is exhibiting some of the drawings from her series: W. System.

About W. SYSTEM:

This series was born in 2014 in maids’ rooms with precarious comforts and the size of its original drawings does not exceed approximately 29 * 30cm. Throughout her moves, she discovered the diversity of formats and techniques. The paper medium gives her easy storage, it allows her a form of freedom of expression, a spontaneity and an ease that she lacked when she practiced painting on canvas. Drawing is a way for her to access another world, that of the unconscious. An invisible universe, imaginary landscapes populated by creatures in transformation. Each composition becomes a personal mythology, a new narrative space with a unique story that is built thanks to an autonomous system. His inspirations are multiple and come from his intimate space as well as from popular or cinematographic culture.

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