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Meeting with Demoiselle MM.

Since spring 2019, the elegant female portraits and elegant female silhouettes of Demoiselle MM have been blooming on the walls of Paris. First confined to the borders of the 20th and 19th centuries, these young ladies then ventured through the capital to better convey their message on the theme of women.

The story of a style, recognizable at first glance

Trained at the Beaux-Arts in Marseille. Demoiselle MM travels the world for inspiration while still continuing to draw and paint.

Inspired by traditional costumes and shimmering colors crossed around the world on these trips. She may also have, she thinks, unconsciously drawn part of her art from her family roots, half Spanish, half Slavic… Later, she moved to Corsica for 4 years where she had fun. to guess the faces and silhouettes of women in the reliefs of the Corsican cliffs … which inspired his Demoiselles to him.

All different, the young ladies are nevertheless linked by a sacred family resemblance, a style recognizable at first glance.

Story of a revelation and collage in the street

The adventure of the young ladies began one evening in 2019 in her studio, in a burst of inspiration, she wanted to get out of the box and free herself from all limits. Around a woman’s face, she drew a big bubble, a bubble of air and freedom, which she filled with whatever she wanted. As if to better assert this rebirth, she took to the streets and stuck her first Demoiselle rue de la Mare, in the 20th arrondissement.

Then the young ladies have multiplied, she takes pictures of her oil paintings and then has them printed on paper, to stick them all over Paris.

Demoiselle MM produced a series: “Portrait des Demoiselles” in which she lent them totem animals – jellyfish, octopus, Phoenix … Also she summoned illustrious models, powerful, mythical, sensual and inspiring women: Frida Kahlo, Mona Lisa, Hatchepsout, Alice Guy Blaché, Bonnie Parker and Demoiselle pirate for the 15 women who were pirates in history… Mary Read, Anne Bonnie… Les Demoiselles take the floor to denounce sexual and gender-based violence, like the “Demoiselle balance your… ”which carries the head of a pig on a tray, as Salomé once did with that of Saint-Jean-Baptiste.

To carry her messages more proudly, she now approaches her collages as a coherent whole, sometimes with humor…: for each Demoiselle, an idea, a street in Paris (“Demoiselle balance ton…” pasted boulevard de port royal ”), (“ Demoiselle Hatchepsout ”, glued rue du Caire)… evocative music… all filmed and posted on social networks with a perfect sense of timing.

Urban art: painted walls and the Demoiselles

Demoiselle MM produced her first mural on the rue Jourdain wall “Les 3 Demoiselles de rue Jourdain” on the facade of a garage in May 2020 during the Jourdain village festival, which still exists today. Technique: 6 acrylic and charcoal.

Then she painted a large fresco “The 4 young ladies of the rue de la Mare” on a wall without authorization dimension (400×200) rue de la Mare 75020 Paris. In acrylic. Completed in July 2020, it will be more than 1 year since it exists and it has not been degraded or removed. Technique: Acrylic, charcoal and posca.

During a visit to friends in Brittany, she produced on a wall of their house “Demoiselle Médusa” dimension (200X200) in September 2020. Technique: acrylic and charcoal.

Also after being selected for the Colors festival in Paris in May 2021, where she created a decor in a 15 m2 room by creating “Le passage des Demoiselles”. Technique: Acrylic, charcoal and posca.

Then she painted “Demoiselle Octopus” on the facade of the albatross in Montreuil in August 2021 dimension (600X400) for the event “The albatross and its recreations” on the occasion of the open doors of Montreuil on 8, 9 and October 10, 2021 Technique: Acrylic, charcoal and spray paint for the fillings.

At spot 13, she painted on a wall “Demoiselle Forest spirit” in June 2021 dimension (200×200) and “Demoiselle Zèbre” in September 2021 on another wall dimension (300×300). Technique: acrylic, charcoal and spray paint for the fillings.

And she painted without authorization a young lady Caméléon on a wall rue de Savie in Paris 20 th, in September 2021 dimension (200×200). Technique: Acrylic, charcoal and spray paint for the fillings.

The story of Les Demoiselles is therefore the story of liberation, of emancipation, of a path that ends with the theme of the woman who in fact has always been present, where each step was ultimately necessary.

The ladies have a multitude of things to say…. Always with poetry, elegance and delicacy.

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