David Drioton



From Pop’Art to poppies, patchworks and graffiti

At a very young age, David left Provence for Paris where he attended a two-year Martenot school. He stayed in the capital for 10 years before opting for the calm of a rural life and discovered the profession of landscape gardener 100 km from Paris. He then created real living paintings with nature and orchestrated exuberant vegetation with constantly changing colours.

Beyond his important meeting with the painter Nadine Foster who will help him to refine his technique and especially to professionalize his pictorial approach, the discovery of Jackson Pollock’s work will be decisive for him in view of the freedom it conveys. In 2010, he comes full circle geographically… and goes back down to Saint Maximin in the Var. The colours now spring up and overlap in a dizzying abundance and a qualitative vitality that will enable him to win an important poster competition in 2011. Moreover, the torn posters on the walls of the Parisian metro gave him the impetus to integrate carefully shredded fragments with, as a support, the nostalgia of pre-war icons and advertisements up to the 50’s. “Illustration” is next to “Vogue” and “Match” and scarlet flowers painted by the ex-gardener are brightening up the whirlwinds of life, between art nouveau, bucolic spirit and contemporaneousness. We can smell the atmosphere of a garage sale where he draws new Pop’Art ideas of collages and assemblages with, recently, vinyl LPs, moped on the ground, with no doubt the top 50 of the 50s in memory engraved in their grooves.

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