Christian Guémy alias C215 was born in October 1973 in Bondy. He is a stencil artist of urban art. In 2021, the artist confides that he is the result of a family rape and that his mother committed suicide when she was only 18 years old. He was raised by his grandparents. He studied at a Catholic college and obtained several degrees, including a master’s degree in history, a master’s degree in architectural history, and another in art history at the Sorbonne. From these courses, C215 will fall in love with the work of Caravaggio and will reproduce some of them. The artist wishes to transmit the splendor of these classics on the gray walls of our cities.

In 2006, the artist begins to make stencils. In 2007, he painted on the MUR (modular, urban and reactive). In 2013, he realizes a cat of 25 meters high on a facade, in the national metro, open-air museum. The artist stencils his daughter Nina, because separated from her mother, he misses her and to prove his love, he painted her.

The works are present in several countries. They represent famous people like “Simone Veil” or sportsmen or animals, like his “Butterflies” that can be found at the hospital St Anne in Paris 14th.

His signature is recognizable: a cube with C215.

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