Zelda Bomba



Zelda Bomba is a painter who after years spent in Italy now lives and works in France.

Her work develops in a series of portraits, predominantly female, which are endlessly declined, each face being able to be apprehended in its unity or as part of a vast mosaic. His very pop style and very strong colors takes his inspiration from counter-culture, comics, music, fashion and the street. His research is a perpetual exploration of identity and all its facets.

This work is also available in the street, with the aim of speaking to a wider audience, in a red-blue color code often present on signage. In the public space, his work is less intimate and appeals to popular culture, with existing characters (Malcolm X, Kim Jung II, Spike Lee…), sometimes with the addition of messages, such as the series Don’t Forget To Riot. The need to intervene in the street responds to the desire to reinvest the public space too often given over to advertising, in an active and creative way.

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