Yves D’Anglefort



Was born in Lyon under X in 1954 and adopted by a Grenoble family, “Les Ferradou”. As a child, he suffered from psychological imbalances: years later he was diagnosed as bipolar.

In 1965, his adoptive father died. In conflict with her adoptive mother, her childhood was very chaotic. He was placed in various boarding schools where he suffered violence from the priests who beat him. He left school at the end of ninth grade. His life was eventful: he spent three years of wandering and odd jobs in California. In Pasadena, he made hundreds of drawings, unfortunately all disappeared before returning to France. He married in 1981 and divorced a year later, while becoming the father of a young boy who committed suicide. He lived other precarious years, still drawing a little, remarried and divorced again. He makes a short stay in preventive prison for a fake “Picasso”. After this episode, he decides to live his passion, painting. He chose as artist name “Yves D’Anglefort” name of one of his great-grandmothers. He is a self-taught artist. He left for Guadeloupe for a few years, where he created little and his living conditions were very difficult. In 2003, after 10 years there, he returned to France. In 2011, he found his style but kept his creations to himself. In 2013, an art lover, Magali Chevalier, came across a series of his drawings by chance and wanted to show them to the Lausanne collector and gallery owner “Jean-David Mermod”. The latter discovered and admired the work of Yves d’Anglefort and organized his first personal exhibition in 2014. Thanks to “Jean-David Mermod”, his drawings were included in the Collection de l’art brut in Lausanne, then the ABCD Collection in ” Bruno Decharme” in Paris. Other exhibitions will follow. In 2019, the “Yves d’Anglefort” association donated its “Plan” painting to find the little girls who had been kidnapped in the port, it was added to the permanent collections of LaM, the museum of modern arts, contemporary and raw art from Lille.

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