From a literary education (Hypokhagne), Voldia became, from adolescence, passionate about reading, art and cinema. Inspired by French auteur films with directors such as Truffaut and Chabrol, major figures of the Nouvelle Vague. She is also initiated by foreign directors such as Almodovar, Kubrick, Hitchcock, Bergmam, or Zulawski.

Interested in both metaphysical and existential subjects, psychological or family introspection and the analysis of women, we find today these themes in Collages de Voldia.
Assayas, Kieślowski, Carax but also Italian cinema through Bernard’s films
Bertolucci and Antonioni bathed his youth.

Literature is also a great source of inspiration. Classical authors like André Gide, Dostoevsky, Bataille, Artaud, Duras or Yourcenar.
Louise Bourgeois, Niki de Saint Phalle, Camille Claudel and Sophie Calle also influenced her.
Voldia was lucky enough to have her mother-in-law, Nicole, who made her discover very early movies, the musical Pasolini and who systematically at the weekend made her share what she was reading. discovery of Sartre, Gide, Baudelaire, Rimbaud and Aragon, Voldia was only 12 years old.
Some of his works are the result of certain readings or films that have marked him.

Virginie Despentes in her apology of feminism with King Kong Theorie: it is the collage Only Women addressed in tribute.
Nietzsche, Spinoza, Cioran and Houellebecq are all guides to create.
Blue Krzysztof Kieślowski inspired the Collage on Reading.

Sensitive and attentive to the world, Voldia displays an energy derived from melancholy that she transforms into an ode to life. Rigorous in her analyzes, she digs in her soul to extract a new image. His look invites the reception of consciences turned towards the other which is precious to him, whether he is damaged or not by the pangs of existence.
Voldia worked for almost half a century on heart-throbs, listening to his intuition.
It gave a life made of good and bad adventures. She has no regrets.

The collage she has been practicing for 10 years and which brings together nearly 100 works is for her a way to channel the waltz of her emotions in an artistic way. She sticks as she writes. The color, the words, the sentence of a novel are all ways to make sense tell stories and touch the imagination of the viewer.

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