A self-taught artist, graffiti artist and illustrator living in Poitiers, France, SYRK is passionate about painting, which he does on a daily basis and works frenetically on all kinds of surfaces. In 2005, he declared himself a freelance artist and began producing a large number of murals.

This activity has led him to travel a lot. 2014 saw the launch of the SYRK project. The artist creates a new artistic identity for herself and works assiduously to develop her own pictorial style. Through his powerfully coloured paintings, the artist invites the viewer to enter an offbeat universe, on the borderline between humour, poetry and the absurd. He likes to depict various animals in amusing and original situations, in a style strongly reminiscent of children’s imagery. With a natural interest in all modes of creation, SYRK’s personal culture is nurtured and enriched over time by his experiences and encounters. Drawing inspiration from urban culture, the world of illustration and comics, the artist has forged a unique and strong signature that he never fails to confront with that of other artists in collaborative projects.

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Portrait de Syrk, France 3, magazine culturel BIS


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