Shadee K



Street art artist for almost 20 years. Child of the Blanc Mesnil (93), he begins the tag in 2001 with his pseudo “shady”.

He created his own character “teddy bear” in 2005 (even if he had started to draw it a few years before for his ex-girlfriend from college).
When he arrived at the Frigos de Paris, he started collaging drawings on the walls in 2009 with the famous character.
He did his first collective exhibitions in 2012, (he took the opportunity to add “K” to his nickname)
In 2017 he finally had his first solo show.
Since then, he keeps on declining his “Teddy Bear” on different supports such as: canvas, paper, road signs, bank notes, body painting, walls etc… His imagination has no limit.

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De la rue à l'atelier et vice versa


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