Rémi Cierco



“The medium often dictates the background to my work”.

Rémi CIERCO is a multidisciplinary artist born in Paris in 1979. After training at art school, he went on to become a set designer, visual artist, illustrator and painter, with a foot in many different artistic professions, bringing him into contact with very different creative worlds. He’s also a Street Art artist who lights up the city with his childlike murals, mixing imaginary characters with spray-painted graffiti. You’re bound to have come across his paintings while walking around Paris.

When he’s not creating frescoes, he paints on a wide variety of materials that he picks up as he wanders around town. Road signs, wooden shutters, crates, etc…. He has no favourite medium. And very often, it’s this medium that inspires him. He imagines a world based on the object in question, a character, a situation…, and the strokes of paint and the colours add up to form, in the end… A story.

In all Rémi Cierco’s creations, whether on a wall or on any other support, there is always a story, and it is this story that forms the link between all his creations. The viewer may find themselves in it, or it may remind them of someone, because all the artist’s characters have crossed our paths one day.

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