Priscilla Vettese



Born in 1985, Priscilla Vettese is a French artist based in Paris. Priscilla began by depicting expressive, colourful landscapes, before moving on to abstracts and winning the Prix du Public in 2020.

In 2021, her inspiration shifted to pop culture, a world she grew up in.

Through her art, she seeks to capture the vibrant and dynamic essence of our contemporary society.

Blending mass media influences with the rebellious spirit of street art, she boldly reinterprets the icons of our time and our art.

With sensitivity, she celebrates the beauty of the ordinary and consumer society, playing with bright colours and eye-catching elements to create visually striking works.

These symbols illustrate the impact of consumer society and popular culture on the artist, whose mind is in constant turmoil, as well as the multiple stimuli that feed her inner turmoil.

With her colourful, energetic style, she arouses intense emotions and invites the viewer to reflect.

Immerse yourself in her sparkling, bubbling, dreamlike world, where each work is an invitation to explore an unspeakable reality.

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Priscilla Vettese peint Van Gogh au Spot 13


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