Nicolae Popa



Born in 1901 in Romania and died in 2010. The artist is a sculptor of associated naive art. He is an emblematic artistic figure of his country. He is imprisoned under the regime of “Nicolae Ceaușescu”. He had been denounced as antisocial by a jealous local party leader, who wanted to appropriate one of his plots.

This denunciation is sufficient for a summary judgment and earned him imprisonment subject to torture for several years. The artist was finally released under political pressure, including that of “François Mitterrand”, who admired his work. When he left, he decided to fight for the maintenance of Romanian customs through his art. We find in his works all the habits and customs of Romanian folklore, which makes him a very complete and complex artist. Nicolaï Popa sculpts both stone and wood and his works have different sizes. He also makes ritual masks resembling those of Lötschental and traditional costumes by adding his naive spirit. When he died, his house was transformed into a museum where you can find all of his works. This is the Popa museum in the hamlet of Tarpesti in southern Bukovina, near the Varatec monastery in the north of the country.

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Nicolae Popa, famous craftsman in Neamț County


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