Nea Borgel



Nea Borgel is a polymorphous artist, unclassifiable, disturbing and lonely. Perhaps because it is a sagittarius ascending scorpion and snake in Chinese, like Picasso. Perhaps also because her name comes from an erotic book and tells the story of a young pervert.

Or perhaps because her life, her experiences, her encounters, leave her a particular lucidity on human nature, with the inherent joys and tears she tries to transform into an aesthetic and sensitive narrative. For this, she uses painting, drawing, photography, digital creation, stencil, collage and volume. It is lost, and scatters, spreads, because it refuses labels, and any form of confinement. To be an artist is to be free, right? From color, eroticism, psychoanalysis, geometry, Jung’s archetypes to quantum physics, for her, science and mind are intimately linked. She seeks the link, this bond, which unites us all to one another, because for her it is there that lies the only hope of our humanity. At the same time sensitive and wild, do not deceive yourself, its softness hides a deep violence. She exhibited in Brussels with the Peep Art Gallery, in Paris with Galerie Le Lavo-matik among other places. It was also listed as Artprice in 2016.

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