Krugh is a French expressionist who offers a unique and daring artistic approach in a universe combining strength and poetry.

Krugh’s work is inspired by three artistic movements that he particularly appreciates (cubism, post-modernism, abstract art, etc.). His personal painting draws on the influence of three major figures of the 20th century, Picasso, Miro and Basquiat, to achieve a striking result. His style is somewhere between figurative and abstract. Krugh’s paintings also include other twentieth-century influences such as Chagall, the cobra movement and street art.

His canvases exert a powerful attraction on everyone and capture our gaze, which cannot be detached by the strength of his colours, which counterbalance the softness of his themes.

Krugh favours expressionist intent to deliver a naive painting combining power and delicacy. Krugh’s painting is lively and enriched by strong, balanced colour. The movement and dynamics that he transposes into his painting add relief to his works. Krugh uses mixed media: acrylic paint, oil pastels and spray paint.

Krugh’s work reveals an accuracy of line that he reduces in a raw and minimalist way so that it expresses the essential in an authentic and spontaneous emotional language. He offers of interpretation in a universe that is at once poetic, symbolic and spiritual.

In this way, Krugh expresses and interprets his time and his everyday life through intimate feelings, communicating emotions or messages to the viewer that each can interpret through his or her own prism.

Glib Viches (1962-) has a doctorate in art theory and history, and is editor-in-chief of a contemporary art magazine. He writes of Krugh: “Krugh’s paintings represent a creative recasting of postmodern painting. “The presence of a recognisable style of his own tells us about the presence of talent and the fulfilment of the artist’s destiny. “I sincerely congratulate the author on an impressive exhibition” (April 2022).

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L'ambition et l'équilibre


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