JP Malot



Influenced at first by the greatest graffiti artists in Paris (Steph Cop, Meo, Jonone, Mode 2 and Futura 2000) at the end of the 80’s and by a adolescence bathed in this environment, Jean-Philippe Malot managed to integrate a school of technical and artistic drawing during 2 consecutive years in addition to being active as a spray-painter

Too academic for him, despite the compliments of his teachers, he left school to return to his passion and spray-painted walls and canvases to the point of doing the decorations for an Emoi et Vous fashion show (a women’s brand), their storefront, the fence of the Agnès B gallery (during a graffiti exhibition) and then obtained a diploma in interior design after a second training course which brought him closer to interior design, which he had been passionate about for many years. Always attracted by the drawing and the sketches of the great masters, he wonders about the abstract and the colour in front of the works of Paul Jenkins and starts to mix his street culture with painting on canvas. Today, while being the artistic director of the Ministry Of Design company (since 2006) for which he creates, imports the creations of other artists and directs others for the textile creation, he paints by mixing the techniques and makes his collages and stencils a reflection of an urban culture specific to his generation. His creations mix pop art, street art and abstract art for an international and urban clientele.


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