Jef Aérosol



Jean-François Perroy, alias Jef Aérosol, was born in Nantes in 1957. He is a French street-artist stencil artist since the 80s. He was a precursor of urban art, with Miss Tic, Zlotykamien etc.

His stencils can be found in France but also all over the world. Jef made his debut in Tour in 1982. He signed “Jef”, then added “Aerosol” and finally his famous “red arrow”. He also painted in Orleans and Lille before moving to London, Rome, Venice, Brussels, Tokyio… and many other big cities. His first stencils were self-portraits. Later, he was inspired by stars such as the Clash, Bob Dilan, Presley, Hendrix and more recently Amy Winehouse.
He created a superb mural, his largest, called “Chuuut” in front of the Stravinsky Fountain in Beaubourg, Paris.
The artist’s works can be found in several private collections.

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