Géraldine Frainais



Géraldine Frainais is a contemporary visual artist and painter born in France. From an early age, she developed a passion for art and began to explore different techniques in painting, drawing and sculpture.

After studying communication in cultural mediation and photography, she worked as a graphic designer/illustrator while developing her own artistic work. She began exhibiting her work in galleries in Paris (17th – 18th – 3rd – 16th).

Géraldine Frainais’ work is characterised by her abstract and emotional approach to painting. Her canvases are often made up of layers, colours and multiple textures, a complexity that invites the viewer to explore the canvas in depth and in various dimensions.

Her inspirations come from nature, architecture and personal experience, as well as her own interpretation of emotions and feelings. Géraldine Frainais attempts to sublimate the impossible, the inconceivable, using photography and video as well.

Her battles have taken the form of shields screen-printed on steel, as well as empty suits of armour.

Over the years, Géraldine Frainais has developed a loyal clientele, and her works are now in private collections. She continues to work on new projects and explore new techniques to express her artistic vision, and is now targeting international markets.

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