Flor Mora



Born in Mexico in 1989, Flor Mora is an eclectic artist whose work fluctuates between reality and fantasy, creating dream-like universes where color and stylized forms are highlighted.

Graduated in fashion design and passionate about painting from a very early age, Flor mixes diverse pictorial techniques, digital painting and fashion illustration. With no doubt, something that is  frequently found in her work is the experimentation of materials such as real hair, natural dyes and still life.

She is also inspired by anything that causes her curiosity and alters her impulses. In her compositions we can see the constant use of totems, botanical elements and her distinctive and subtly enigmatic number 19, hidden in different forms. Bosch, Schiele and Chagall are some of her pictorial influences. The glamour of Alexander McQueen, as well as the Adriaen Coenen’s mysterious “Book of Fish” have considerably marked her style.

Thirsting for success and looking for new challenges, Flor decided to leave Mexico in 2016
and move to Paris, where she currently lives, taking a very important step in her career.
Today, her work has been exhibited in various galleries and cultural centers in Mexico,
France and Italy.

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