In the Paris metro, it’s not unusual to come across a Looney Tunes at the turn of a corridor. Dimitri Barilko, or FAT as he is known as a street artist, has turned this routine route into a treasure hunt where you follow the cartoon characters rather than the stations.

Born in Paris in 1991, this young artist first graduated with a CAP in photography before continuing his studies at the Lycée Brassai, a vocational school for photography and image. He quickly took on a series of workshop and exhibition projects, gaining experience in the process.

He has been painting actively since the 2000s, starting out in the street alongside the artist Fast. His early work was mainly in lettering, but he also mastered photography and painting. In FAT’s work, aerosol paint meets posca and acrylic.

The characters from his childhood accompany him to the underground railways. Tom & Jerry get off at Villiers station, and Porky Pig goes to Vincennes. Cartoons that belong to the imagination of the artist’s generation, born in the 90s.

Although he mainly practices his art on the street or in the underground, Fat has an eye for detail. The figures he depicts are arranged in front of a worked background, alternating between drips and lettering that he has not forgotten. The colours are heightened, highlighting the protagonists while stripping them of any context.

The artist also scripted the actions of his cartoon heroes. On signposts, stations and underground maps, they are accompanied by aerosol cans reflecting their creator. Popeye swaps his tin of spinach and Snow White his poison apple for a spray paint can. It’s a meaningful exchange, because the artist uses symbols from his childhood and replaces them with an artistic tool, his own means of expression.

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