Eni Mercadier



Photographer of the moment, the gaze of Sabine Mercadier aka ENI likes to land on the path of her Parisian daily life and it is always accompanied by her Nikon Compact in her bag that ENI has been able to sharpen her gaze on her “poetry of the world”. ‘human “.

It is from the age of 20 that this young aspiring artist feels the need to express viscerally and artistically her life experiences and her emotions in the tumultuous world around her. It was first through Break Dance choreography and Hip-Hop dance flows thanks to Tony Mascott and Mia Frye that she freed herself and freed herself from her sickly shyness. At the same time, she finds another outlet that reveals her as a creator and a messenger: collage. Inspired by another street art that she meets through the work of Jacques Villeglé. A medium that will allow him to express his feelings of the moment on our world in loss of reference points, in flight from life, in free fall. She mainly uses flyers from pop culture, cinema or advertising, in the form of “cutting” with raw, provocative and poetic texts in large formats.

For the first time in 2007, with no other stake than to share its creation and its testimony, ENI offers us an exhibition in the “Pink Flamingo”, a restaurant in the center of Paris, which will bring together more than ten selected collages. Success is there, and many orders of T-shirts from these collages, were made, among others for the shop “Raya San’System” as well as by Béruriers Noirs, famous French punk group of the 80s. This first work shows de facto a committed creative force, an uncompromising artistic outlook and positioning, an instinctive aesthetic composition, “Old School” and specific to it. Without thinking too much, ENI one day decides to buy a small Nikon Compact camera in 2012 and captures his first shot of a stranger in the metro. Like a need to communicate with the outside world, she begins to flirt with the medium of photography of the present moment. Perhaps the man “fashion photographer” with whom she had shared her life five years earlier would have subconsciously given her the energy to overcome her shyness. The latter will be an asset to approach your subject with tact and delicacy. With step of a wolf, she tries to show us the emotion, the intimacy, the image that touches her and that she finds beautiful. Indeed, the dangers and accidents of the spontaneous are there, but his foolproof discretion, his instinct and his impulsiveness allow him to capture on the spot without being spotted. From this challenge, ENI feels animated by a deep inner joy and realizes all the magic and well-being that this creative, fun, liberating activity brings to it in the public square. With or without the mask, ENI continues to click where vibration and emotion spring up!

Eni to meet several photography professionals who salute his work, encourage him and invite him to exhibit as well as his first clients, who since 2014 have been commissioning him. Since 2017, ENI has also had fun making “mini-video clips” capturing movement, emotion and intimacy against a background of music. ENI is now taking us on its last ten years in the heart of Paris to deliver with poetry, humor and love the unexpected, incongruous, furtive encounters that call out to him. Day and night, it reminds us of how the beauty of social diversity makes us travel to this city of light which makes it one of the most beautiful capitals in the world.

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