Emmanuel Torlois



Emmanuel lives and works in Paris. Painter, sculptor and illustrator, he graduated from Applied Arts in Bordeaux in 1989. He continued to perfect his techniques in painting and drawing in fine arts workshops which he followed in Abidjan, Nantes and Paris until 2011.

His professional career constantly combines personal artistic research and commissioning for other artists, which he leads in collective production workshops in Nantes (cell B) and Paris (Opéra Bastille). Since 2005, his artistic approach has mainly revolved around the human figure, sketched, blurred or realistic depending on the techniques used and the series. Black dominates his creations, often sketched in 10 x 15cm notebooks, before giving rise to larger formats on canvas or paper. More recently, he mixes the human with the animal, in oil pastel compositions where the instinctive gesture and the raw finishes produce vanities with colored areas leaving aesthetic affinities with illustration and wall art.

Many of these images inspired him to create sculptures, frescoes while continuing this work of drawings which ultimately became his bestiary and a natural response to his environmental concerns.

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