By dint of walking the streets, and Paris is undoubtedly the largest museum in France! The artist discovered stencil, from forgotten artists to other established assets in today’s urban artistic landscape, it was everywhere! Basic works or more accomplished aesthetically, it spoke to him! For him it was relatively easy and quick to pipe a layer on a wall while going unnoticed!

It was in 2008 that he took his artistic destiny in hand! In the region where he has settled since 2003, the Guérande peninsula! Beyond the beautiful setting, there are beautiful people! Elam seized the opportunity to take advantage of his curiosity and his desire, to increase his work thanks to an encounter, this person cohabited for a few years, with a pioneer stencil artist, Edmond Marie Rouffet. At 41, he said to himself, this is definitely my thing! Stencil, he had done quite a bit! but now, he wanted it to be his life! And it’s also a message, you can change direction at any time, invent a new life, and fight to get it started, he’s one of those who say: “when you’re on the right path, the route is less cluttered, things are easier; you must not persist in suffering unnecessarily, but one thing is sure, everything is difficult before it is easy! »

After 9 years of intense creation, he can affirm that he feels himself an artist, and not only is he, but his passion has triggered radical changes under my own roof; his wife, after a commercial career, became a good art framer.

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