From “E2MA.S” to “E.Serrière”

“I’ve been drawing since I was a little girl”

From my job as a stylist, there emerges a certain more sensitive look to the drawing at once precise and elusive, a form of “pictorial ethics” with this awareness of the chronicle that is coming. The object is transformed into a subject.

In initiation, there is the impulse of intuition. It is a visceral necessity.

Forms & colors appear, organize themselves, stubborn, provoke an energy, a point of departure that offers an unusual intrigue. ART-COUTURE as evidence. The pieces are assembled and invented and embroidered to anticipate the evocation. The challenge is to grab the eye for the intangible. Deploy spaces of perception to let imprudence sprout: the imaginary and the emotional. Audacity circulates. The emotion of the gesture of my hand is the continuity of my inner life. Here is the meaning of my drawings. In addition, to manifest the untraceable, these clichés are embroidered trend “ART COUTURE” over cotton, collages, finally all the materials that could support the subject. Each “metaphor” is numbered. I realized two exhibitions. One in a library of the city of Paris in 2018, the other at the FIAC in 2019 as part of a donation (EDVO / AIDES). Since January 2000, I fully assume my creations and sign them with my name “E.Serrière”.

Exhibition coming in May 2020 at the “POS” gallery in Paris.

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