Like the great names of Jazz, Denys is first of all a life of turmoil. Between drugs and snowboarding to live. The photo accompanies him from Courchevel, St Tropez to arrive in Monaco. He will become the assistant of a recognized photographer. This meeting will open the doors of a Parisian agency. His alert eye will be quickly noticed by the professionals and the director of the agency who will encourage him to persevere.

In 2009, he goes to New York with old, obsolete, digital film, and in this unknown place, a little lost without knowing anyone, he does what he knows best: capturing faces, situations, capturing emotions , the sensations …
Mobile phones, disposable devices, film, digital, it matters the media. He flashes everything he sees, feels, wherever he goes in the world.

Behind his lens, there are two lives that are telescoping … his own and that of the one who finds himself under his gaze. It’s his journey, a path full of signs, like the day he finds a satchel dropped from a car with his first camera in it. As obvious … a path drawn in advance, inevitable! He knows how to talk about others because he has a life behind him. Before moving on to the artistic, he went through the human, as a matter. He has practiced, tested, shaped and it is his experience that we feel and that is printed on his photos!

Interview by Nathalie Tardieu, friend and journalist

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