Between photographic portraits and two-headed bears, Jessica Pliez born in 1984 is a visual artist who juggles a range of techniques: pencil point, revealing chemistry and silver paper, cotton paper, paints and inks, acrylic or oil.

In her laboratory, she explores the terrors of childhood, pagan bestiaries, portraits of humans, with gouges or ballpoint pen, on copper plate, linoleum or eraser, whatever the medium, found or elaborated. The world she presents to us is made up of her pieces of hearts, of her stitched flesh that stab and intertwine in a universe chiseled with details between gentleness and cruelty. Everything is in motion, everything throbs in these bodies between life and death. In 2021, Jessica takes the name of Ursika to sign her universe which revolves around her character: “Ourss”

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