Stoul is a French artist born in 1981. Active in the international movement of Contemporary Urban Art. From the 90s, she began to practice graffiti.

Pursuing her goal of designing and producing works of art, she studied at the Ecole Boulle specializing in metal. It was in the early 2000s that she returned to spray paint and performed at events with creations adorned with female characters that charmed the public and collectors. The graphic design and the art of customizing objects lead him to collaborate with famous brands. Galleries from all over the world exhibit his works. Since 2013, Stoul has been developing ORU, a multicolored geometric art. She composes visuals between abstraction and figuration, where everyone can let their imagination run free. The urban landscapes, their histories and the architecture inspired him many projects of monumental frescoes which are part of the French heritage. Soon, Stoul will rediscover metal with sculptures for a garden.

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We are Artists not Vandals - Stoul


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