Sam Guillemot, aka S4m, is a self-taught artist living in the Paris region. Trained as a cinematographer, he works mainly for television. He grew up in an artistic environment in Alsace, near Obernai. His maternal grandfather was an amateur painter and sculptor, and his parents gave him an education in painting and music by taking him to museums and exhibitions.

A comic-book enthusiast since childhood, he began copying characters and plates at a very early age. He then tried his hand at a variety of techniques on his own, using books to teach him: Indian ink, wash, graphite and watercolour, always with a preference for black and white. His late discovery of street art was a real revelation, prompting him to develop his artistic activity alongside his profession.

His subjects are very diverse, from well-known to lesser-known figures, but it’s above all the light and the way people look at things that inspire him, in direct relation to his work as a cinematographer.

“I like to use diverted materials, such as old maps or newspapers, whose original purpose is sometimes ephemeral, to give them another meaning, and to link them with the characters I paint on them.

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