Lou Hopop



Born in Paris in 1980, Lou Hopop discovered her real addiction to painting in 2014, after spending years “having fun just for the fun of it” on the different media offered by second-hand goods and antiques, a world in which she had been evolving for 10 years.

It was her compulsive need to paint that prompted her to return to her native Paris to settle down, and she immediately crossed paths with a Parisian gallery owner specialising in Urban Art. He invited her to exhibit her first works, which were immediately well received.

Her canvases are a blend of different techniques, starting with a background of graffiti, Posca tags and spray paint, set against bright colours that are juxtaposed, tumbled and worked according to the subject, which she then paints with an opaque black acrylic brush.

Lou Hopop’s painting is all about Mmmmh!! Rrrhaaa!! Grrrrrr!! in short, colourful emotion; a constant quest for intensity in all its forms through her ladies or her brats against a Punk-Rock background and a touch of popop’Hopop!!!!

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