Lapin Mutant



Rabbit Mutant’s work combines a mixture of two passions: art and psychology. His work is instinctive, nervous, liberating, even therapeutic. It is based on emotion above all else. She works on the accumulation of characters with multiple facets: for example, the eye of a face that becomes the ear of another. This multiplication of almost tortured characters represents the variety of psychological disorders inherent in today’s society and the different aspects of any personality.

We find a recurring character in her works, which she named Joris. It is a kind of self-portrait, it is a small child that she feels to live inside her: “I will have finished when the brothel will do me good to the eyes”. This is his course of action.

She trusts her look, which always looks for the little beast and accumulates until the mass can satisfy her eye, what she calls “maniac-bordelism”.

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