Jennifer PUNDA aka Jschpritz was born in 1978. J for Jennifer and Schpritz for her Moselle origins, where “schpritz” means “to splash”. She’s keen to learn something new, and it was after a trip to Berlin in spring 2018 and an introduction to street art that her decision was made… Jennifer wanted to tame Spray.

She met the artist Debens, who was to be her mentor in her early years. Before caressing the spray nozzles, he introduced her to collage.

Since 2018, the artist has been developing her committed art around stencil and collage techniques.

Welcome to feminine territory, where the Parisian artist reveals her world of POWERFUL WOMEN. In her world are all the facets of women: light, radiant, committed but not militant, warriors, madonnas, queens, witches, shamans, free.

Cutting out magazine photographs to create her works is her way of recycling and giving them a 2nd life.

She uses her stencils to tell multiple stories.

Highlighting women means looking at diversity and revealing herself.

She thrives on drawing her artistic narratives, cutting and projecting paint layer by layer. Jschpritz’s powerful women come to life in all their forms and make a splash.

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