Jérôme Turpin



Born in the Paris region in the 70s, he grew up in the school where his mother teaches. His father is a landscape technician and painter in his spare time. After studying English, odd jobs and a career as a pastry chef, he has health concerns, is sometimes hospitalized in psychiatry and finds himself in CAT. In 2007,

he joined an art therapy association “the crossing”, he will remain there 2 years. This is where he learns painting and begins to believe in him. “I was the only one who could solve my problems,” he says. Since then, his life has totally changed. He says he is neat today. He is in perpetual quest for spirituality, hence his encounter with Ama and the canvases that flow from it. Solitary, Jerome draws mandalas, meticulous and multicolored, graphics evoking wave transfers, and allegories of love exchanges. We find in his painting all that lives in it. There was an article about him in the n ° 155 of the magazine Artension, MAY-June 2019. He is followed by an association to help him to make known his work. He exhibits very regularly in galleries. His works today are part of several outsider art collections.

Artension n°155

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