He was born in 1972 in Paris. He made his debut in the Tag and the Graff at the end of the 80s. He spent 2 years in Athens in Greece and began to sculpture, then to casting. He creates his first street casting as a result of neighborhood noise in a spirit of protest. In 2003, he leaves for Boston in the United States,

where he began to paint acrylic and oil. In 2006, return to Paris and return to his first love, street art. It is in Montmartre that he decides to participate in this street art present in this neighborhood. He invents his own 3D concept that includes all the techniques he uses and has learned in recent years. He realizes an identical replica of his face with different expressions, which he paints and begins to stick through Paris. Each face is in a way a self-portrait, allowing him to express in the street his moods: anger, joy, what he likes or hates. That’s all that represents him. We can find his faces in Paris but also around the world.

The jokes

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The Faces


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