Carole B



Child of the 80s, Carole b. held various positions in the beauty sector, from France to New Zealand, before becoming a cosmetics sales trainer in a penitentiary center.

Exciting but captivating, this work in which she invests a lot, pushes her to “escape” into an artistic activity that she had put aside for ten years: cutting collage. This activity quickly becomes his specialty.

From this follower of the scalpel, we appreciate as much her works in paper cutout collage, a subtle assembly of leaf cutouts giving an unprecedented relief, as well as her spray painted stencils.

His desire to explore strong and committed themes ever further, with the tip of his blade, also pushed him to express himself in the street with stencils. Moreover, this technique makes Carole b. a rising figure in Parisian street art.

In her pictorial universe, Carole b. mischievously explores historical references, pop art and popular culture, leading the viewer into a world of glamor and humor, with a subtle blend of strength and gentleness.

His paintings are for everyone and immerse you in a sparkling and colorful universe. Her original and subtle creations around strong and independent female figures such as Wonder Woman or Joséphine Baker invite you to take another look at femininity and feminism …

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