Born in 1978, ARTIS is a self-taught painter. Influenced by the HIP-HOP culture ever since, he signed his first piece in the mid-90s. A lover of forms, curves, and material, he tried

various techniques in acrylic, bomb and the inks, he decides to use them all in his works. Self-taught, he learns, tries and approaches different ways to put his ideas on canvases, walls and various objects. After giving painting lessons for associations, he took the plunge and made his first exhibition in 2001, followed by many others later. Without any pretension, he exhibits in places of life, associations, charity works as well as in large renowned galleries such as ARTELIE in Paris. He defines his style as a mixture of graffiti and “himself”, his ideas can come to him as well in the street, in front of master paintings. ARTIS refuses nothing in his works, collage, materials, recovery and everything that passes to him in the hands. Today specialized in decoration and realization of canvases, he blooms in his creations and the requests that are made to him. ARTIS ‘words: “To exhibit one’s works is important for an artist. The pleasure of being able to share one’s passion, to have an exchange with other people on the appreciation of one’s paintings is gratifying. During my various vernissages, personal and collective exhibitions, I liked to share these very constructive moments on my creations.

Balade dans Vitry     2 Graffeurs aux fêtes des Lilas

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