Alain Aghaïan



A world born of scrapings scraping, stratum strata retreats. He works by cutting back, seeking the sapwood behind the bark, the real behind the appearance. Tearing, stripping the skin of things. The result is disturbing. Rich materials like lichens, mold rust crusts flanked ships stranded.
(from an article by j.Delluegue about an exhibition at the mill Richard de Bas)

Pupil of the National Manufacture of Gobelins and Study of the techniques of high smooth tapestry from 1956 to 1961. In parallel, he perfected himself in drawing during the evening of the Ecole supérieure of the City of Paris (Atelier Lesbonit) In 1961 he entered in the high smooth Gobelins workshop and works after cartons of Chagall (Parliament of Jerusalem), Picasso (Papiers glés), Picart the Sweet, Le Corbusier, Miro, Henri Georges Adam. He left the Gobelins factory and moved to Trento, Italy, after a stay in Florence. He creates the “Aracne” workshop with Katia Pustilnicov, a former student of the Manufacture de Beauvais and the painter Paolo de Carli. In 1968 he participated in the Venice Biennale (Pavilion of Italy) with a tapestry executed after a cardboard by Paolo de Carli. In 1969 he went to work in Switzerland in the workshop Coffinet (Begnins) for the painter Hans Erni. He returned to Paris in 1970 and creation of the workshop “Arcane” The workshop Aracne created Tapestries “Interpretations” for Jean Picart the Sweet, Caly, Pierre Szekely, Henri Georges Adam, Gilles Audoux, Irel, Braque, Georges Lardant . He also makes personal creations of tapestries, paintings, drawings and engravings. He obtained the Silver medal from the National Labor Exhibition in 1982. In 1992, he made the tapestry “Messengers of Silence” (wool, altuglas, tin and ceramic) for the City of Antony. At the same time, since 1986 Alain Aghaïan has been teaching tapestry at a school of social reintegration in Bolzano, Italy.

Au fil du temps

Poubelles, la vie