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Oliver Ney, Parisian artist born in 1982. His pointillism art is at the junction between the world of street art, pop culture and contemporary art. He is starting this project which had been trotting in his mind for a little while during the confinement of March 2020.

He had set aside a good number of caps of paint bombs and he said to himself that it was time to start since ‘he had time … He produced his first work “the Joker” which was very well received by the graffiti and contemporary art scene. The world leader in spray paint MTN Colors even devotes an article to it on its site. He therefore decides to continue in this direction and approaches his bomb dealers so that they ask their customers to bring back their caps so that they can be reused rather than being thrown away. And bingo it works! He collects hundreds of caps every month which he gives a second life. His influences are pop culture and all its symbols but also what can rock his daily life. Artist to follow !!

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