Alec Sonder



Alexander Ederstal alias Alec Sonder is a franco Swedish artist born in Sweden in 1985, he currently lives and works in Paris.

In 1995 he went to a private catholic school where he met the school psychiatrist who invited him to draw about his life and inner fears.

He then used this practice to help him in a therapeutic way for years.

It’s only in 2019 after being sober for a year that Alexander decided to explore his world with more depth and meanings. He usually draw kids surrounded with different monsters in a black and white world, the only touch of color is here to remind us of our lost innocence.

His inspiration comes a lot from the Japanese culture, yokais and ancient Asian ghost, also Scandinavian folklore such as troll goblins and Norse mythology gets mixed in his artworks.

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L'interview de Alec Sonder


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