Alain Guénolé



After a higher national diploma of plastic expression, obtained at the school of Fine Arts of Quimper in 1987. In 1991, he won the 2nd prize of the talents of the west in RENNES, where he exhibited at the coupole.

He works on different supports with different techniques.
He participates in numerous exhibitions in Brest, Paris etc…. As well as in different countries such as England, China etc…
He was commissioned by the Musée des Jacobins in Morlaix. In order to illustrate the poems of “Tristan Corbière”: les amours jaunes.
Alain is a traveller, a lover of wide open spaces. He has made many trips to the Canadian Far North to meet the Amerindians and discover the wilderness.
He regularly revisits periods of history such as the Celtic and Gallo-Roman eras and the Middle Ages. In his paintings, we find references to Primitive Arts such as Inuit, Celtic and Gallo-Roman art. His references in painting are Italian Primitivism (Fra Angelico, Paolo Uccello), Impressionism: Monet, Turner, Gauguin, Cubism: Braque, Picasso, as well as American expressionism: William De Kooning.

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